Our current products are Locum Apps, Locum Press, Web Assist and Locum Home. For more information, click on each services to know more about us.

Locum Apps

Locum Apps is an application that connects hospitals and clinics in Malaysia to licensed medical staff such as doctors and nurses who temporarily fulfill the duties of another doctor or nurse according to the demand of healthcare facilities. Locum Apps aims to connect locum staff and healthcare facilities in a way that is faster, easier and safer. 


Locum Home

Locum Home intends to provide a home care solution which supplies medically certified care professionals to homes, providing on-demand access to services ranging from wound care to post-natal care, all at the tap of a button. 


Web Assist

Web Assist is a web-solutions provider within the healthcare sector, offering customised websites for those in the healthcare sector looking to explore digital marketing. The service is suitable for healthcare specialists and new healthcare establishments interested in crafting a memorable digital presence. 


Health Expert

Health Expert is a health-centric online publication, featuring lifestyle, wellness and health news and entertainment from Malaysia and the world. Health Expert aims to deliver content which is fast to consume, easy to understand,
and safe in its accuracy.