Who We Are

WebAssist is the digital marketing of WeAssist Sdn Bhd, and we can help your company by creating customised websites from scratch, strengthening the SEO of your current sites, assist with graphic design for posters, social media and banners, manage your social media for you, or simply handle the entire digital marketing arm of your business.

WeAssist is a digital-solutions provider with a particular expertise in healthcare and are equipped to provide solutions for you, 

whatever the budget.

What We Can Do for You

We offer various marketing services to help promote your brand at an affordable cost. You can choose one to multiple services at a time. The charges vary based on the services you select and we are happy to customise something that can work within your budget. 

We have a skilled team of graphic designers, social media influencers, and video producers to assist you in your growth needs. 

As we have a product of our own, we are set apart from the rest, because we are uniquely able to understand the heart of marketing and the motivation behind promotion - which is letting the world know what your product is about, and why they want it. 

Website Design

Design functional and professional websites to increase the digital presence of your brand using Google Sites and WordPress

Video Production 

Create professional video content to promote any promotion or services of your company. May be requested with videography, translation and voiceover. 

Social Media Management

Monitor and optimize your social media to target your ideal audience through paid social ads. We create content that can help you form a community of real fans who loyally follow your content for what you have
to offer. 

Graphic Design

Develop advertisements, posters, bunting and other marketing material, to ensure that the vision in your mind translates into reality.

SEO Consultation

Help focus on developing engaging content that ranks well in the search results and is shared across the web


Organize your graphs, tables, charts, and statistic into one appealing infographic. It can be for your annual report, website, or social
media post.


Find the perfect voiceover based on your video needs. Our male and female voiceover can tackle voiceover in three languages: English, Malay, Mandarin.


Develop scripts for your film or professional sales video that you are working on. We can get your script well written, grammatically checked and suitable for your audience, based on your timeline.


Storyboard is crucial when creating video content. We can develop creative schemes that catch the viewer’s attention.

Corporate and Social Media Copywriting 

Provide writing services for corporate profiles, business websites, social media captions, SEO articles, logo descriptions and more.


One of the best ways to target different audiences is having multiple languages on your ads. We can translate scripts, videos, articles to Malay, English, and/or Mandarin.


Able to do user research and prototype, as well as creating the interface and visual design for website and mobile apps.


Shoot high-quality photos of your products to build credibility and trust in your customers. The photos can be used in any of your promotional materials. 

Influencer Marketing

Use the right influencers to build trust with your audiences. This can enrich your content strategy and gain brand awareness to
the public.

Paid Ads Management

We specialise in supercharging your online presence through targeted and effective paid ad management. 

User Generated Content

Let us create authentic how-to guides, unboxing experiences, and first-time try-ons featuring everyday people interacting with your product or service. 

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